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My Story

I have lived through several disasters; when I was four years old I nearly drowned at a beach in Santa Cruz; and that same year my family home was destroyed by fire, causing my parents to send us kids out to live with relatives and friends for several months.

In my adult years, my home was utterly destroyed in a wildfire that created havoc not only in my life, but also in my community. One year later, I almost drowned in the Atlantic ocean off the coast of Portugal.

The polarity of having both fire and water disasters at both the beginning of my life and in my current years is not lost on me. Through all of these situations, I learned valuable lessons, such as forgiveness, taking responsibility, surrender, and the art of being. 

I had been married for a long time, to a man who did not truly understand how to love me. I used to blame him, to say that he was responsible for all of our problems, but I know better now. Life has taught me that I invite all things into my life, both the good and the bad, for emotional and spiritual growth. I now forgive him and thank him for the lessons.

I now spend my time helping others learn the tools and techniques they need to overcome adversity.  As an author, all of my books were written to include tools for emotional stability that the reader can implement in her own life.

My primary focus at this time is on children; for I believe that they would benefit greatly from learning these tools. I am currently writing a fairy tale trilogy intended to open the hearts and minds of the readers to empowering consciousness concepts.


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Ignite Your Adventurous Spirit

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A Tribute to Mother Earth

A Tribute to Mother Earth

Bless you, Mother Gaia Your love is immense, it is evident We thank you for the warm embrace of the sun As spring warms up and life renews We are delighted with the blossoming trees and flowers Which reminds us of the chance for a renewal within ourselves Love you,...

Staying Sane in Trying Times

Staying Sane in Trying Times

Are you amazed at the crisp clarity of the air, the crystal clear of the water, the depth of the blue sky? Mother nature is waking up, along with humanity, and now many of us have the time to simply appreciate her beauty, to breathe in her vitality. The world is...

Love in the time of Corona

Love in the time of Corona

People are stressed, there is no toilet paper to buy anywhere in the world; unless you go to Amazon.com, where you can get an industrial roll for 45 GBP. Grocery delivery slots are booked for at least the next month; and going to the store not only can expose you to...

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