Aging skin get worse as you age – who knew? 

I was surprised to wake up one day to find that I had dinosaur skin underneath my eyes. Yikes! Where did this leathery, cracked skin come from?  In one word, menopause. The issues with your body brought on by hormonal changes aren’t just limited to mood and changing menstrual cycles. 

Skin issues brought on by menopause include loss of Estrogen and Progesterone, caused by changes in our ovaries, which means that we may find ourselves the victims of adult acne. Other symptoms include lowered production of collagen and elastin, which causes a loss of our skin’s elasticity. And if that isn’t enough, thinning epidermis and slower cell turnover means that we get sagging skin and wrinkles.

 There are a multitude of anti-aging skincare products available, in fact, it is a $300 billion dollar market, with projected exponential growth by 2020. So, how do you determine what works, and what doesn’t? Look for published results using real people, not models or actresses. Look for backing by dermatologists, not corporations. Look for products that work together to improve your skin.

 You may wonder what I use. I’ve tried many, many products, some good, some not. I’ve shopped Sephora and Ulta, leaving with a handful of products to minimize wrinkles and eye bags. While I got some results with this method, I wasn’t getting smooth skin.

I had adult acne brought on by peri-menopause, and was starting to see wrinkles. My friend and co-worker introduced me to Rodan + Fields.  I saw before and after photos, heard some stories of success, and was convinced to start using Unblemish. My skin cleared up a few months into using the regimen. This was about three years ago; I have used Unblemish ever since. However, during the three years, my skin tone and elasticity degraded – and while I fought it by using a multitude of products, I did not see significant improvements.

 That is, until I was invited to attend a local Rodan + Fields event. I heard stories of success, with skin, with eyelashes, and with income. A roomful of women, all intent of helping others to achieve positive results. I was hooked! I signed up to be a consultant and purchased every regimen. I started using Redefine as soon as my box arrived. I was so excited! It took about 45 days until I started seeing significant improvements. 

I will post before and after photos with each blog post. These photos are of real people, and they show real results. No photoshop allowed!

Lucy experienced significant improvement in her skin texture and elasticity after using Redefine for six weeks. Please be aware that results may vary, depending on multiple factors; age, gender, skin type and condition, lifestyle, diet, other product use and health history.

You have nothing to lose, all of the products have a 60 day money back guaranty. What are you waiting for – reach out to me to have the best skin of your life!