Launch Yourself

This pdf will teach you how to work, anywhere in the world, as a freelance digital marketer, even if you aren’t a tech wizard! ¬†


An introduction to a new way to earn money!

The commute; the cubicle; and a difficult boss; you don’t know how to break free. In partnership with Affiliate Institute, I can give you access to the simple formula thousands of people, just like you, use to earn money as online entrepreneurs.

I used to work in a government job. A job that had good pay, great benefits. But the work was mind-numbing; and the management style discouraged innovation and outside the box thinking.

My life changed when I learned how to market online. The information I learned helped me build this business where I help people create a new life for themselves, through self-acceptance, self-love, or through online marketing.


Fast or slow, morning or night, access learning as flexible as you need it to be.

It is our mission to provide the tools to help you stake your claim in the digital economy from where ever you are, on your timeline. Our fully customizable program is built for every lifestyle and every schedule… from mid-level professional, to digital nomads, to a stay-at-home parent.