I lived through a lot of adversity, which taught me that life throws curveballs. I learned it is our perspective that shapes our reality.

You don't have to lose everything in a wild fire before you can create change in your life.

I can help you find a way out if you feel:

  • You are in such deep despair that suicide seems to be a viable option for ending your pain.
  • You suppress pain and anger so much that misery takes over your life.
  • You wear a mask of success while on the inside, you are dying. 
  • You want more out of life even when you appear to have it all.
  • You over-give so much that being tired, frustrated, and overwhelmed is your norm.

You have the power to change your life.

But do you have the tools you need?

                                   Are you ready to access joy?

Angela Legh, whose skills include having an innate magical childlike energy as well as being a certified Quantum Shift Facilitator, offers you an opportunity to connect with your inner magic.

To catch a glimpse of what Angela Legh teaches, check out the blog posts linked on the right. These posts speak to emotional triggers, how to choose a perspective that serves you, and the importance of facing our emotions. Angela offers in depth mentoring for people who want to learn more about how to be emotionally balanced.

Click the link below for a 30-minute session to explore if you could benefit from Angela’s one-on-one program.

Are you ready for a new perspective?

Angela Legh is entrained with Reiki Level One energy and is a Certified Quantum Shift Facilitator. She is trained in several breakthrough techniques, including NLP. This unique combination of energy movement and mindset management brings results that last!

Increase your joy!

Choose to play!

Feel more alive!

Feel more freedom!


I have been working with Angela for a while now, and find her truly inspirational. At the time I was going through a time of transition. Her work gave me the tools to allow me to go deeper, gain more clarity, and have a fresh approach to life. Working on my inner child and allowing myself to be more playful, has brought a new perspective to my life, and more profound enjoyment of my daily life, as well as bringing me love. I highly recommend this work for anyone seeking change and transformation.

Catherine Hill  Solicitor, Gloucestershire UK

Live! Love! Laugh! 

  • In this course we explore your inner dialogue, thoughts and perspectives to hone in on thoughts that create a sense of wellbeing in your life. Participants will find an increased sense of self-love, curiosity, and playfulness. Multiple life benefits include better relationships, more creativity, increased success and a generalized feeling of happiness. 
  • Learn to different tools to shift your perspective, let go of the judgements of others, and find a space of self-love in your heart. 
  • We will help you unlock your inner magic, so your life will become more beautiful.
  • Boost your confidence, find a sense of playfulness and creativity.
  • Learn how to reframe your inner self talk
  • Increase your sense of playfulness and curiosity to add more wonder to your life.

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