I lived through a lot of adversity, which taught me much about life.

You don't have to lose everything in a  fire before you can create change in your life.



I know how it feels to be in deep despair that suicide seems to be a viable option for ending your pain.

I know how it feels to suppress pain and anger so much that misery takes over your life.

I know how it feels to wear a mask of success, while inside you are dying

I know how it feels to want more out of life even when you appear to have it all.

I know how it feels to over-give so much that being tired, frustrated, and overwhelmed is your norm.

I also know there’s more for you, and you can change your life.

Are you ready to access internal joy?

Angela Legh, whose skills include having an innate magical childlike energy as well as being a certified Quantum Shift Facilitator offers clients an opportunity to connect with their inner magic.  A sixty minute 1:1 session with Angela will help shift your perspectives and open your heart to your own childlike wonder.

Angela's schedule is limited; she can only take on a handful of clients. If you are interested in accessing her magic, click the discovery session link below. In the 30 minute session, Angela will determine if you area a good fit for her 1:1 mentoring program.


I have been working with Angela for a while now, and find her truly inspirational. At the time I was going through a time of transition. Her work gave me the tools to allow me to go deeper, gain more clarity, and have a fresh approach to life. Working on my inner child and allowing myself to be more playful, has brought a new perspective to my life, and more profound enjoyment of my daily life, as well as bringing me love. I highly recommend this work for anyone seeking change and transformation.

Image of boy hiding
Move out of despair
Move into Forgiveness
Feel the joy of your inner child
Stop hiding and learn to manage your feelings
Shift your perspectives
Learn to love yourself

A conversation about feeling our feelings with the Reverend Andrea Scott Brown; recorded 4-16-21

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