Did you know that redwood trees, which majestically stand up to 400 feet tall, do not have a taproot? A 350 foot tall redwood tree has a root system that goes only about 10′ deep. So how then, do these gentle giants manage to withstand winter winds?

It turns out that each individual redwood tree sends out a carpet mat of roots horizontally, intertwining with the roots of nearby redwood trees. The forest of redwood trees is actually an interconnected system, in which each tree is the stabilization for the ones around it. This root system is like the brains of the forest; trees sending messages about threats, sharing resources.

In our society, we believe we are separate; that each of us moves in this world, semi-independent of those around us. I get up, go to work; you get up and stay home. We are in different places, we are separate, by the terms of this world. However, is this which we believe, actually true?

At the quantum level, every human is made of energy, made of atoms and molecules. As evidenced by physics, energy is always in motion. Each one of us is a piece of the flow of energy. Energy is not contained by walls, it is not contained by our skin; you can’t hold a cup of energy. Because air is non-conductive, wires are used in walls to “contain” energy. The energy inside of humans is not contained in the physical body; the energy is permeated throughout our aura. Every human being is connected to each other through a network of energy. We are not separate, we are connected. You are me, I am you, we are one.

Just like the Redwood Forest, our human communities are built on a structure of interdependence. We are social creatures; who doesn’t love to meet with friends or family to share a social drink or a meal together? We rely on each other for social interaction; for community; for a sense of belonging.

This is why the lockdown has been so challenging for those that are alone, like me. I was so devoid of human interaction that I broke down and cried more than once. For those sheltering with family, I have heard that there are other challenges; such as having too much time with each other. This isolation situation is bringing old wounds to the surface; whether alone or with family, we are all dealing with it in one way or another.

Some avoid the wounds, by turning to alcohol or drugs; or maybe another addiction. Television, YouTube, Netflix, books, puzzles; whatever it takes to forget about the pain inside. The problem is that these panaceas don’t resolve anything; the pain simmers beneath the surface; only to pop up when triggered by someone’s actions.

Avoidance is a natural response to the human condition. But whatever I try to avoid, persists. The triggers keep on coming, my soul and the universe showing me that I have an inner wound to heal. As long as I perceive the other person as the problem, I will be stuck in the pattern. So how do I break free?

As I wrote in my last blog post, my perception is key to my reality. If I feel alone, I will feel alone. If I feel that person is annoying, their actions will annoy me. But what if I could see their actions as a mirror; showing me the part of me that is annoyed (aka triggered)? What if I felt grateful to that person, for helping me to see the part of me that needed healing? What if I looked inside of myself, and forgave that part of me that is triggered?

We are all energy, we are all connected; when I become annoyed at someone I am actually annoyed with an aspect of myself. If I feel fear, I am in fear of an aspect of myself. If I feel hate, I am hating an aspect of myself. Everything that triggers me is revealing a shadow embedded in my psyche.

I work with my shadows to clear the energy from my field; this releases my triggers. It starts with me finding where the feeling associated with my trigger is generated – is it the solar plexus, the heart, or my throat? I then imagine myself going into that portion of my body, finding the shadow, and wrapping it in love. I hug and praise the shadow; asking it ‘how can I help?’ Usually my shadows simply want to be recognized and acknowledged. Once I do that, the shadows are ready to be released. I then release them, sending them to the angels to be cleared. This practice opens my heart and establishes peace and calm in my day.

What triggers you? Are you willing to do the work to clear the trigger? If so, freedom awaits.

May you be blessed.

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