Traveling during times of Covid is an interesting prospect. There are wonderful things and difficult things, all at the same time. In these uncertain times, travel brings a new level of uncertainty; Will I have to quarantine when I arrive? Will I need to quarantine when I get back to the UK? Will they let Americans back into the UK? All questions that will be answered when the time comes.

From my recent trip to the US from the UK, I have compiled a list of good, bad and ugly for your amusement.

The Good - I have never, ever travelled on an international flight with so many empty seats. There were a total of four people in business class, on a plane with seats for about 24 individuals in that section. Social distancing - check!

Another good thing about this trip was the Author Red Carpet event held at the Beyond Publishing Studios. I met some very interesting people and had the opportunity to showcase my upcoming book, Bella Santini in the Land of Everlasting Change.

The Bad - America seems to think that Covid is caused by eating in hotel restaurants. In Dallas, the hotel gave us a cold breakfast in a bag, no real coffee, no lunch, no dinner. Guests were forced to Uber, drive if they had a car, or walk to find food. I know that restaurants are open in California; I am hoping I can get a good coffee, too!

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