Bella, aged 14, is transported into the Land of Everlasting Change; where she manages to overcome many challenges as she tries to learn magic; with the intention of  finding her way back home. Her world is turned upside down with a revelation from Queen Tatiana, leader of the Seelie Court fairies.

This is a young adult action/adventure fairytale that seeks to open the hearts of readers to empowering consciousness concepts.

*Not yet published, but available to preview on Wattpad

Bella Santini Reviews

Sarah Prout, Speaker and bestselling author of Dear Universe

Angela is an incredible writer that immediately captures your attention and engages your imagination. I found myself instantly drawn into Bella’s mystical reality of fairy folk where I was excited to see what would happen next.” – Sarah Prout – bestselling author of Dear Universe.

Lisa Erickson, Magick Brands

Omg Angela!!!!🤩🤩🤩🏆🏆🏆This is the BEST story I have read since Harry Potter! I am instantly transported into a magickal dimension. Bravo!!

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