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A magical world in peril; the balance of good and evil is at the tipping point.  None of the Fae have been able to seal the portal that allows evil in; but upon the arrival of Bella Santini, everything begins to change . . .

Bella Santini is the Land of Everlsting Change
Bella Santini in the Troll Wars

Welcome to the Land of Everlasting Change . . .

The magical world of the Fae.  Home to Fairies, Trolls, Dragons, and more!


Readers find the Bella Santini books to be enchanting and engaging enough that some kids will put down their electronics to listen with enchantment while their parent reads the books to them.


Embedded within these enchanting tales are seeds of wisdom that when tended to, will grow into emotional intelligence. Children who read these books will be enlightened with timeless wisdom and knowledge.


The tools and techniques for emotional balance included in these tales empower the reader to make empowered choices in the situations they find themselves in. 

Book One: Bella Santini in the Land of Everlasting Change

Young Bella is arrested;
kept in the Land of Everlasting Change


Bella Santini is an average girl in every way, until the night she encounters a band of fairies in a meadow. Bella is arrested and brought to the Land of Everlasting Change, where she is kept for her safety. Forced to attend Yelimoon Fairy School, Bella must first pass a series of trials and tasks to become an enrolled student of fairy magic. 

A gripping fairy tale and a guide to emotional intelligence for teens and pre-teens

DR. jen Harrison - the children's book review

The first book in The Bella Santini Chronicles, Bella Santini in the Land of Everlasting Change, is a gripping fairy tale and a guide to emotional intelligence for teens and pre-teens. 

Bella is a relatable and engaging protagonist whose determination and independence make her a fantastic role model for readers. As well as modeling both emotional intelligence and consequences in the plotline, the book offers supplemental guidance for parents to support discussion and reading, from parenting advice to resources for exploring themes like bullying and sibling rivalry more deeply.

Bella Santini in the Land of Everlasting Change is an exciting fairytale with an important and positive message for readers.

Bella Santini in the Land of Everlasting change is a beautiful story that will take kids through a magical land alongside the hero of the series, Bella Santini. It is a tale with the message that you can have a wide range of emotions, and it ok to process what you feel but do it safely.

Jan Rose Farnsworth //JR's Book Reviews

I appreciated the message to parents in Bella Santini in the Land of Everlasting Change about helping children learn the value of self-love and love for others. Readers of the Rainbow Fairies series or the Pixie Hollow books with Tinkerbell and her friends may find Bella Santini and the fae world a new series to enjoy. There are magical tests, spells, fairy wings, dangerous plots, and a chance to make new friends in a magical school. Along the way some gentle lessons about handling emotions, dealing with bullies, and appreciating good fortune are learned by Bella and perhaps by young readers, too.

Suz Costner/ The Fairview Review

A story of mastering one's own feelings and how to overcome obstacles in the way of your goals. Strong friendships are born. Bella is a character that I think many pre-teens will connect with. Not to say that this book is only for pre-teens because I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. The world-building was superb for an early reader chapter book. The character growth was done flawlessly. The plot was unique and held my attention the entire way through. Overall I really enjoyed it and can’t wait to jump into the next book!

// The Momma Spot

Book Two: Bella Santini in the Troll War

A Secret weapon of the Trolls:
Mysterious Wraiths


War with the Trolls comes to the Land of Everlasting Change. The war, incited by the estranged sister of Queen Tatiana, is a way for the sister to wrest control of the kingdom. The Fae use every trick they have to undermine the efforts of the Trolls. When all is lost, the Trolls unleash their secret weapon—mysterious wraiths. How can the Fae save their kingdom?  

A fun mix of adventure and education

Dr. Jen Harrison - The Children's Book Review

The second book in the Bella Santini ChroniclesBella Santini in the Troll War continues the series’ emphasis on emotional intelligence and wellness. Subtly interwoven with the fast-paced adventure are lessons about self-mastery, love, and problem-solving that are sure to be valuable to readers of every age. Bella herself is a relatable, likeable character, and the story is brought to life through digital artwork that is reminiscent of manga illustration. Supplementing the story are valuable resources to support the book’s emphasis on wellness, including exercises, discussion topics, and book club questions.

Bella Santini in the Troll War is a fun mix of adventure and education, and readers who enjoy fantasy adventures are sure to relish it.

The story is interesting, mysterious, and dramatic. The characters are well developed, and each has a back story to share how he or she became that way. The back stories are told throughout the book to help develop the characters even more. Although this book takes place in a fairy world with magic and more it relates to life here on Earth. There are many parallels to draw and of course, the back stories there is the fact that Bella came from Earth to the magic fairy kingdom. 

Yes, this book has everything one needs to teach from this book!

Carrie P// Crafty Moms Share

The series has quite a few valuable messages to deliver. The most prominent one concerns emotional health. The author suggests that we acknowledge and accept our feelings, and let our emotions flow through healthy outlets instead of trying to suppress them. The process proves helpful when Bella learns to come to terms with her new identity. The story shows that love is the ultimate cure for all evil intentions. Together with friendship and teamwork, it can work magic. While set in an imaginary world, the story reveals realistic and relatable issues, such as sibling rivalry and bullying. 
Overall, the series is an entertaining and inspiring read for teen readers and beyond. Looking forward to the next book!

// Ice Fairy's Treasure Chest

Bella Santini in the Troll war is told in a way that makes colorful and magical characters designed to teach children and adults alike the power of love, coping with their emotions, developing inner resilience, and overcoming challenges. Engaging and thought-provoking.

Jan Rose Farnsworth //JR's Book Reviews

Book Three: Princess Bella Visits the Dragon's Lair

Wise and Loving Dragons
guide Bella on her path

Bella Santini visits the Dragon's Lair . . . to be released in the Fall of 2022. Bella has found out who she truly is, and now she is trying to live up to the requirements of her inherited role. A trip to Moonemberly, the land of the Dragons, brings disastrous results. What will become of Bella?


Schools/Homeschooling Groups

Businesses: Gifting books to schools or organizations that serve children is a wonderful way to serve your community while maximizing your business tax deductions.

The Bella Santini Chronicles book series seeks to plant seeds of wellness into the hearts and minds of every child who reads, or has the books read to them. The seeds planted are unconditional love, inner peace, and emotional self-mastery. The tools and techniques provided in the series include:


How to face and use different tools to manage all emotions

The driver underneath substance abuse and suicide are painful feelings the individual cannot live with.  Facing painful feelings is a skill that can be learned.


How to shift out of harmful perspectives

Perspectives can be changed—we do not have to believe the concepts that were true for others. We have the option to select perspectives that serve our needs 


To trust innate wisdom

We are all born with innate wisdom, though life can tend to beat it out of us. When kids identify with the characters in these books, they learn they have all the magic they need, right inside. The source of their magic is love.


To value themselves, their thoughts, and their feelings

Self-Love entails honoring and managing thoughts, feelings, and actions. Self-love is critical to living an abundant life. 


Agape love is the answer to all questions

Meeting aggression with aggression always ends up in escalated conflict. When one party introduces the element of unconditional love, the aggressor is momentarily disarmed.

More Testimonials for The Bella Santini Chronicles

Lisa Erickson,

CEO Magick Brands

"I was transported back to the magickal time . . . before I had a cell phone. I remember being nine months pregnant with my first child reading Harry Potter books to him in my womb. Fast forward 19 years and I have the same magickal loving feelings when I read Angela Legh's books. I am currently reading Bella Santini out loud to my fourth child, Jack, who is 11. And despite wanting to reach for an electronic, he is transfixed by Angela's magick via her books!"

September Dohrmann

Conscious Thought Leader

"This is an extraordinary story of fairies, angels, and trolls; an adventure where light and love conquer all."

Dame Doria Cordova

CEO/Owner Excellerated Business Schools, Money & You

"You can get lost in the magical adventure of Bella and her friends as you explore how being heart-centered and loving is a better choice for life. When our kids are shown choices such as truth, love, and integrity are better, they will choose that!"

Alec Stern

America's Start-up Success Expert

"An enchanting fairy tale full of the power of love. Bella Santini is an unwitting young heroine who finds her inner strength when she least expects it!"

Sarah Prout

Best Selling Author

Dear Universe

"Angela is an incredible writer who immediately captures your attention and engages your imagination. I found myself instantly drawn into Bella's mystical reality of fairy folk, where I was excited to see what happens next!"

Isabell Donadio Fagan

Bestselling Author

Finishing is Happiness and
Women Gone Wild

"Clever, brilliant, and good clean entertainment that is truly inspirational!"

Risk Free guarantee

Angela Legh's childrens' books entertain and engage parents and children. She is the only children's author to promise parents better relationships with your kids, less emotional stress, and increased family harmony, if the family reads their children three books from the series of the Bella Santini Chronicles. If after reading through three of the books in the series and implementing the tools and techniques therein, your child has repetitive emotional breakdowns, Angela Legh will provide you and your child with three 60 minute one-on-one 1 mentoring sessions for free.*

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