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It is not your fault!

No one taught you how to deal with your emotions; so they swirl out of control. No one gave you tools for moving through stress, anxiety, and overwhelm. These feelings take over and run your life.


You and your family deserve a life filled with magic . . .

And you can have that, with just a few tools for emotional management . . .

Learn to manage your emotions

Unless your mind holds on to an emotion, or created resistance to the feeling, emotions are transient. In either situation, the feeling is prolonged because of your mind’s entanglement in the idea, or concept of the feeling. It is when we witness our feelings from a space of neutrality that we gain freedom from the reactionary processes of our minds.

Learn to shift perspectives

“We don’t see the world as it is, we see it as we are.” Often, when we let go of our narrow perspective and look from above, we can see that the people criticizing us were looking through their own limitations and their own perspectives. What they said may be true for them, but we do not have to make it true for us.

Calm your inner critic

We are our own worst enemy. All it takes is for us to look in the mirror, and we begin to catalog all that is wrong with us. According to Allure Magazine, women self-criticize themselves eight times a day. We can blame society, for stuffing us full of false ideas of what is beautiful. However, we must take responsibility for our own thoughts.

Learn breathing techniques to cultivate calm

Deep breathing stimulates the vagus nerve which reduces the “fight or flight” response. Regular breathing exercises can improve focus and concentration.

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