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You’re Kidding Me!

Building Blocks to Reclaim Your Wonder


Playfulness – it just makes life better! There is empirical scientific evidence concerning playfulness in adults, with benefits including enhanced group cohesion, creativity, spontaneity, motivation, positive attitudes, increased productivity, and decreased computer anxiety. .


In an article by Lachlan Brown, curiosity is cited as an essential component of a happy life. A 2013 Harris Poll showed that only 1 in 3 Americans say they are very happy. It is through adopting beneficial perceptions and behaviors such as curiosity that happiness is increased.


The Talmud states, “We don’t see the world as it is, we see it as we are” . . . it is our mindset, our perspective, that creates our reality. For example, in this time of lockdown, we can look at our life and feel fear over Covid19 and see all the problems; or we can say, my life is good, as long as I leave the media out of it. We have the opportunity to choose our perspective. If we decide to see fear, the world will seem scary. If we choose to see love, the world will appear beautiful.

Self Trust

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Joy and Wonder

Once you begin adopting playfulness, curiosity, and self-trust into your life, you will begin to experience more magic. The magic of joy and wonder!
These two emotions build on each other and are entwined. By taking this course, you will find your inner joy and wonder.

When’s the last time you really engaged in play?

When did you last engage in play? Not just the obligatory Mom and Dad play where you pretend you can’t see your toddler’s feet from behind the living room drapes.

Real, imaginative, and purposeful play.

Once you’re an adult, the benefits of practical play disappear amongst the stress, responsibility, and reality of life.

It may seem silly now, as a grown adult who has been conditioned to take life seriously and not leave any time for play, but taking the time to engage in play is the purest expression of both your humanity and individuality.

You’re Kidding Me! provides you with the building blocks to reclaim your sense of wonder, opening you up to happiness, so you can find joy in everything from the mundane to the wonderful things in life.

Through 6 fun-infused lessons, you’ll discover eye-opening key concepts to create a life with play in mind.

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