Life throws us curveballs. . . Through the adversity I experienced, I learned our perspective shapes our reality.

Fortunately, you can choose whatever perspective serves you. You don't have to lose everything in a wild fire (like I did!) before you can create change in your life.

The house you see—the image above—was mine; that night in 2017 when the Tubbs wildfire in Northern California roared through my community. Most of the homes in my neighborhood were destroyed. We lost everything; our lives were thrown into turmoil. The perspective I hold creates my reality . . .  I could look back on this as a disaster, or I can see it was a necessary crisis to launch me out of my comfort zone and into the beautiful life I now have.

If you . . .

  • want more out of life, even when you appear to have it all.
  • wear a mask of success, while on the inside, you are dying. 
  • suppress pain and anger so much that misery takes over your life.
  • over-give so much that being tired, frustrated, and overwhelmed, is your norm.
  • are in such deep despair that suicide seems to be a viable option for ending your pain.

 . . . I can help you move beyond your issues so you enjoy a better quality of life.


Sometimes, situations happen that force us to choose—can we risk it all and choose a path that may lead us to joy, or will we stay stuck in our comfort zone?

There are several ingredients that cause us to choose our comfort zone, even if our comfort zone is painful. It is, after all, what we know; certainty can bring comfort. However . . . growth appears in uncertainty.

Things that hold us back from making positive change in our life include:

  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of Change
  • Fear of Rejection
  • Fear of Loneliness
  • Fear of Uncertainty
  • Fear of Getting Hurt
  • Fear of Being Judged
  • Fear of Loss of Freedom

There are many tips, tools, and techniques you can implement to overcome these fears. I know they work, because I used them to launch my new life!

Angela Legh's  skills include having an innate magical childlike energy as well as being a certified Quantum Shift Facilitator . . . she offers you an opportunity to connect with your inner magic.

To catch a glimpse of what Angela Legh teaches, check out the blog posts linked on this page. These posts speak to emotional triggers, how to choose a perspective that serves you, and the importance of facing your emotions. Angela offers in depth mentoring so you can learn more about being emotionally balanced.

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You have the power to change your life . . .

. . . but do you have the tools you need?

Benefits of working with Angela Legh

Working with Angela Legh means you are empowered to create the change in your life. This isn't about Angela telling you what to do, it is about her creating the opportunity you to see new perspectives, to understand the consequences of your choices, and to select a path that serves you. 

Angela brings a childlike but peaceful energy to her clients. She adds fun where appropriate, holds the clients in grace where needed, and provides non-judgmental insights into the clients situation, so the client is empowered to choose the life they want!

Increase your joy!

Inner joy is a choice; you get to choose it! Learn how to feel joy bubbling up inside, even if your circumstances are not perfect.

Choose to play!

Play is underrated in the world of adults. Knowing how to access the freedom of unstructured play is a gift that brings great happiness.

Feel more alive!

If your life seems like a drudge, you aren't choosing the things you want, you are choosing the things you feel responsible for. What if you could choose the things that bring you joy, and made you feel more alive? 

Feel more freedom!

Emotional freedom is a gift that keeps on giving. When you are no longer held in behavioral patterning that makes you reactive to the circumstances around you, you are free to choose how you respond, rather than react.

Angela Legh

I lived through much adversity; and as it is said, what didn't kill me made me stronger. I had an abusive, alcoholic father whose behavior had a major impact on my life. Based on his behavior, my young mind decided that rage was an emotion no one should feel. My judgement of anyone who became enraged did not serve me well in my first marriage, nor in my life. 

A wildfire destroyed our home . . . that was the catalyst for significant change in my life. Over 12 months, I lost my home to fire, left my marriage, quit my job, and moved across the world. During this journey I discovered many tools for overcoming adversity and achieving emotional balance. I now share these same tools with children through the power of story; because with this knowledge, they can make better life choices.