Your parent or teacher may have told you you were are not good enough.

The criticisms we received at a young age often become our truth about who we are. These criticisms follow us into our adult years and negatively affect our lives. But . . . it doesn't have to be this way!

Let me be a bit blunt - it is not your fault! In addition to criticism we received as children, we were given perspectives of how the world works from our parents, teachers, ministers, rabbis, priests, and other people in authority, most of whom we can't even remember. The perspectives and filters placed upon us reveal what was going on in the world of those adults. However . . . their world was vastly different than ours, even at the time we were kids. They placed their judgments, criticisms, and prejudices on us, and we unconsciously allow those perspectives to rule our world.

In this course, you will learn to let go of old paradigms and embrace perspectives which serve you. You will learn to release emotional triggers and manage your feelings from a space of balance and ease. You will learn how to increase play, curiosity, and joy, in your life.

what you get

Here’s what you’ll learn in Live! Love! Laugh!

How your thoughts and words can build you up or break you down

When you repeat the criticisms you heard in your youth, you are using your thoughts to break yourself down.

Learn how to choose thoughts that serve you so you can free yourself from self-criticism and self-judgement.

The power of adding more play into your life

In your youth, you most likely stepped away from the things you saw as childish; what you didn't know was those were the things that bring magic into your life as an adult.

Learn how to let go of ideas of what it means to be an adult so you can let your inner child out to play.

How curiosity can help you find new answers to old questions

The quality of your life is determined by the quality of the questions you ask. 

Learn how to ask better questions,  questions that help you shift from frustration to wonder.

Why self-love is the most important self-care activity you can do

Self-care is frequently considered to be eating right, exercising, and getting enough sleep. But gaining sovereignity over your thoughts is significantly more important.

Learn how to accept and love yourself so you can live a life filled with joy!

Course Highlights

Access an increased sense of joy through unstructured play

Adult play is often structured games—chess, football, soccer. But the magic in life is found through creative, unstructured play. Can you set aside your concerns about what others might think and play on playground structures?

Let go of emotional triggers to find joy no matter the circumstances

Joy is a vibration available to you, no matter what you circumstances. It is a choice; you can choose to be beaten down by life, or you can choose to find the beauty in your circumstances. What do you choose?

Shift Perspectives

The Talmud tells us we do not see the world as it is, we see it as we are. When you can shift your perspectives, you find  the world you live in changes, too.  

Achieve sovereignty over your thoughts

Choosing your thoughts is not a skill you were taught in school. However, it is a skill that can create massive change in your life. Learn to choose thoughts that serve you.

You are made of magic; but you have forgotten most of it. This course will help you find and access your inner magic

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Learn how to achieve inner joy . . . even if you believe that joy no longer exists in your life.

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Make the Decision to Sign Up

You'll get lessons designed for busy parents; you can listen to them while driving or exercising. The average lesson is l5 minutes or less. This makes it easy to fit them into your busy day.

Lifetime access to the course

Mastery is achieved through repetition. As long as this program is in existence, you have the opportunity to retake the course as often as you like. Revisit the course every January to refresh your understanding of the tools, or simply access the section you wish to brush up on.

Downloadable weekly workbook (playbook)

This course talks about accessing play, so there is no workbook—there is, however, a playbook! Each module carries it's own section of the playbook for you to download and use to anchor the teachings.

Seven week course dripped weekly

Each week will unlock all lessons for the week. You may access them daily, or do it all on one day. The choice is yours.

Internal self-mastery

This course will help you to free yourself from emotional triggers and step out of repetitive patterns of victimhood by claiming sovereignty over your thoughts.

Join the course and start living a joyful life!

It is never too late to set your life on a path toward internal mastery and joy. Set a date, join the course, and learn the tools and techniques that will help you find your inner joy!