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You want the best for your children . . .

  • Do you always know how to provide your kids with emotional support?
  • Have you become frustrated and reactive when your kids act out or are overwhelmed?
  • Have you ever felt like no matter what you do for your kids, you are getting it wrong?

We've been there . . . we know how you feel.

After years of personal and spiritual development, we've gathered tools and tips to help you be the best parent you can be!

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Image of Guide - A toolbox for mastering emotions = free download PDF

Image of Guide to how to help anxiety and depression in kids - free download PDF

Free Guide to helping Prevent teen suicide - Download PDF

Free Guided Meditations - 10 to 15 minute guided meditations to de-stress, calm down, and reboot; for you and your children.

Inner Child Activation meditation

A guided meditation to activate a sense of childlike play. The mediation allows time for free play without the worry of what other people think. 

reflection of trees on water

Peace and Calm Meditation

Guided meditation to access inner peace and calm. Use it on a day when you feel overwhelmed, or when you just need a quick break. 

Self-Love Guided Meditation

Guided meditation and activation to help you increase your self-love. Listen to the words of the angels as they remind you of who you really are.

Mindfulness - Being present

Guided meditation to bring awareness to listeners about being present. When we are present to what is, we are open to the magic of life!

Other ways we can help you to thrive!

Parenting Support Group

No one taught us how to deal with our emotions in a safe manner.

How are we supposed to know how to teach our beloved kids?

The Problem

For generations, parents relied on the methods used by their parents to raise kids. Old paradigm methods included physical punishment, "children should be seen and not heard," and encouragement to deny or reject our emotions. These parenting methods ended up with many emotionally injured children becoming adults with no safe, reliable way to deal with emotions.

The Solution

Today's parents focus on finding more conscious ways to raise their children. It has been said that it takes a village to raise a child, and this group is the village you need! Led by conscious leader Angela Legh, the group meets regularly to mastermind solutions to the child-rearing problems common in today's world.

What if you could access more joy and leave your old emotional baggage behind?

If you are ready to shift out of the blame game, let go of your parent's way of looking at the world, a find effective ways to deal with your most painful emotion without consequences - Angela Legh's Live, Love, Laugh course is exactly what you are looking for!

Click the button below to find course content and pricing. 

Are you ready to access the joy

available in your life?