Podcast Appearances 2020/2021

Run, Thrive, Survive Podcast

A wonderful chat with Ciara Carter; Recorded 9-14-21

Label Free Podcast

Angela Legh speaks with Deanna Marie Kuempel. Recorded 9-28-21

Think LA Podcast

A Chat with Chaz Volk, recorded 10-6-21

Moving to Oneness

Chat with Meilin Elkhe; to be recorded 10-18-21

ReThinking Caregiving

Chat with Esther Mbabazi; to be recorded 10-22-21

Business Mentorship; Keeping It Real with Trish Tonaj

Angela Legh and Trish Tonaj discuss the importance of feeling emotions and why labels can be limiting.

Women You Should Know

Angela Legh speaks with Lesley Michaels about the importance of feeling our feelings.


Unstoppable You Podcast, with Santina Rigano-Lesch

Recorded 8-23-21

Mirror Talk with Tobi Ojekunle

Recorded 8-27-21

Chat and Spin Radio, with Ian Johnson

Recorded 9-1-21

Reading With Your Kids

With Jedlie! Recorded 9-9-21

The Happiness Agenda by Steve Sapato

Angela Legh is a children's author teaching children how to use their emotions and create more happiness in their lives.. A great look at how we can impact our lives and the lives of our children and grand children.A

Stretch Marks Podcast

Amber Trueblood's Podcast - EP62

Entreprenuer mom Angela Legh shares her journey to emotional wellness

Yeukai Business Show

In this episode, Angela Legh and I discuss how to neutralize your emotional triggers to achieve more balance in life.

No Problem Parenting Podcast

In this moving podcast, Jaci Finneman honors Mack, a young man in her life that was recently killed in a car accident. The discussion with Angela Legh had particular meaning, in that we often have much difficulty with heavy emotions such as grief.

Live! Love! Engage! with Gloria Grace Rand

A novel approach to teen suicide prevention: Angela wasn’t always a writer, but once she began, she realized the significant role writing plays in her own healing. Angela openly shares the experiences of her childhood, marriage, and more. She reveals her own journey and how she learned to handle difficult emotions.

Inside the Minds of Authors

DC Gomez speaks with Angela Legh on how she landed in her job as a celebrated children's author, and Angela reads a bit from Bella Santini in the Land of Everlasting Change.

Dream Cast Radio with Denise Walsh

Use and Grow Your Imagination for Business with Angela Legh

James Miller's Lifeology

In today’s episode, Angela shares her incredible story of finding herself after being in an emotionally damaging marriage.

Erica Gordon's Moms with Dreams Show

Erica Gordon and Angela Legh speak about feelings and emotions

The Blended Family Podcast

  • What magic looks like and how to bring it into our lives
  • How to bring magic into a blended family
  • The Bella Santini Series
  • Consciousness concepts
  • How to overcome adversity

The Get Foxy Show

Holistic wellness meets emotional resilience!

*Suicide is the second leading cause of death in teens

* Processing emotions and rising out of victim mentality

Yaya Diamond's Dreamchasers Radio

We're Giving away 150,000 copies of the Bella Santini Chronicles (e-books) to 8 -11 year olds so they can develop emotional and mental skills to thrive through the pandemic. Who do you know—school principals, educators, youth facilities, influencers, foster home agencies, etc.?

Straight Up Wellness with Kate Jaramillo

Episode 138: Angela Legh on overcoming adversity and creating magic in everyday life.

On the Edge Podcast

April Mahoney and Angela Legh talk about a wildfire destroying all of her possessions, and how that led to Angela taking control of her life.

The Power to Live More Podcast

Jo Dodds episode 188: Angela joins me today and discusses the childhood trauma that led to her toxic marriage and the recent devastating life event that triggered her to make a huge life change.

Rich Awakenings

Rich Oceguera speaks with Angela Legh: How do you leave someone or something that is an entrenched part of your life? What are the underlying beliefs that keep you stuck in a relationship even though you know it is not meant for you any longer?

Thoth the Scribe Podcast

Guy Dazin speaks with Angela Legh on esoteric concepts; including how thoughts can be handled during meditation.

Be the Love Podcast

Psychotherapist Stacy Musial and Reiki Practioner Sam Fernandez speak with Angela Legh about spirituality and emotional triggers.

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