Media and Podcast appearances

Angela Legh speaks about her history, how the hardships in her life formed her understanding of emotional mastery. Angela is an experienced speaker who delivers engaging and transformational talks.

Media and online appearances

Periodicals and Magazines

USA Today

The Los Angeles Tribune

Gravid Magazine

Taos News Tempo

The Hum Magazine

Authority Magazine

Top Talent Magazine

Saving Earth Magazine

The Bubblah Online

Public Speaking Events


The Los Angeles Tribune Nueroscience Summit


The Love Event - Sept 2022

The Publicity and Publishing Conv. July 2022

Blissful Parenting Summit - July 2022

Global Consciousness Summit - June 2022

Global Dream Makers Summit - May 2022

Family Matters Summit - May 2022

Power of a Woman/Ignite Your Life - March 2022

Standout Stars: Week of Kindness and Gratitude - January 2022

Creative Collaboration Summit Dec 2021

Post-Covid Child Education Summit Oct 2021

Raising Humanity Future of Family Summit Oct 2021

Don't Talk/Trust/Feel Summit July 2021

Health Wealth Wisdom Summit July 2021

New Empowered You Summit June 2021

The Suicide Prevention Show April 2021

California Speaker Showcase Oct 2020

Podcast appearances -

Links to the show are underlined; if not underlined the show has not yet aired.

The Effective Way with Brian K. Baird

Radical Acceptance with Jeff Newman

Awakening, with Roy Coughlan

You, Inspired with Charissa Sims

How to Live a Fantastic Life with Dr. Allen Lycka

6-Star Business with Aveline Clark

Dr. Paul's Family Talk Impact Radio

Self-Help Coaching Podcast with Tony Petrozza

Healing for the Soul with Robin Stoltman

Michael Unbroken with Michael Anthony

Locker room for Growth with Debbie Elickson

Victim to Victory with Tracey Cook

Run, Thrive, Survive with Ciara Carter

Label Free Podcast with Deanna Keumpel

Business Mentorship Keeping It Real with Trish Tonaj

Women You Should Know with Lesley Michaels

Unstoppable You with Santina Rigano-Lesch

Mirror Talk with Tobi Ojekunle

Reading With Your Kids With Jedlie!

The Happiness Agenda by Steve Sapato

Stretch Marks Podcast with Amber Trueblood

Think LA Podcast with Chaz Volk

Moving to Oneness with Meilin Elkhe

ReThinking Caregiving with Esther Mbabazi

Blissful Parenting with Michelle and Chuck

The Power to Live More with Joanna Dodds

Rich Awakenings with Rich Oceguera

Thoth the Scribe Podcast with Guy Dazin

Be the Love Podcast with Stacy Musial and Sam Fernandez

Yeukai Business Show with Yeukai Kajidori

No Problem Parenting with Jaci Finneman

Live! Love! Engage with Gloria Grace Rand

Inside the Minds of Authors with DC Gomez

Dream Cast Radio with Denise Walsh

James Miller's Lifeology

The Blended Family Podcast

The Get Foxy Show

Yaya Diamond's Dreamchasers Radio

Straight Up Wellness with Kate Jaramillo

On the Edge Podcast with April Mahoney