Resources for Parents

Parents want the best for their kids, no matter where they live in the world.

Free Resources

Self-Love Activation

A guided activation meditation designed to increase the user's self-love. Listen daily and let the angelic music soothe you while you hear words of deep self-love affirmation.

Guided Meditations 

Many parents are stressed; trying to fit everything in. It is important that you take a moment to breathe. These short guided meditations will help you to come to a space of quiet reflection. Taking a ten-minute meditation break can make you a more effective employee, more effective and more approachable parent, and increase the feeling of well-being in your day.


The Power of Love is the ultimate motivator to end conflict, enhance health and property, and make dreams come true.

Grandma Sparky's mission to acknowledge the good in individuals has caused tremendous changes in both victims and perpetrators of bullying. 

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Role Model Maker Partnership and Parenting 101

It’s hard enough to know yourself and tackle day to day life challenges. Learn how to get your needs met, be on the same page with your partner, as well as tips on parenting children whom will lead full lives.

If you are a  parent, a role model, an influencer, and feel that you have a calling and a responsibility to support, inspire, and empower the next generation to optimize their potential, then we would love to hear from you. Join the Facebook Group!

Paid Resources - recommended by Angela Legh

inner child

Live! Love! Laugh! Online Course

An online course by Angela Legh.

We can connect deeply with our children by opening our hearts to our own inner child. Children's magical qualities - curiosity, playfulness, wonder; these qualities are inside all of us, aching to be let out. As we grow into adulthood, we leave behind our magic. This course reaches deep inside, to unlock your inner magical child.

Raising Humanity

The Playground of Life is a global village that helps both children and parents explore real connection with themselves and one another, through ongoing community support and mentorship. 
Enjoy building your emotional awareness and life skills through creative expression and play in live sessions and forums. Mentors from around the world help us celebrate the uniqueness in all of us. Young and old are welcome!
The Playground of Life has been created by Raising Humanity; the home of authentic parenting. Where they help families connect to their true nature. Real Community. Real Connection. Real Change.

Suicide Prevention Advocate Training

Jackie Simmons founded the Teen Suicide Prevention Society and regularly raises awareness with her Teen Suicide Prevention Show. Her online course, the Suicide Prevention Advocate Training, provides insights into how to have life-saving conversations.

No Problem Parenting Community

By joining the membership community, you'll get access to the On-Demand 3-Step Parenting Course. In as little as an hour a week or a few minutes a day, you will see a difference in the dynamics of your family. My proven techniques will bring any stressed and overwhelmed parent the confidence to handle anything and the peace of mind that you're doing everything you can to raise amazing human beings!

Visible Transitions by Janet Caliri

Visible Transitions helps young people and families experience navigate life transitions from a place of child-like wonder rather than resistance to what is.

Healing the Child Within, by Nancy Mueller

As children, we create beliefs about how the world works based on what we're taught by our parents and caregivers.  When these beliefs are carried with us from childhood into adulthood until we learn to master those beliefs, our adult self will continue to relive those painful childhood memories; often causing us to be emotionally hijacked or repeat those cycles and experiences with our own children. Healing your inner child can empower you to let go of the negative feelings, emotions, and beliefs from your childhood as you break free from your limiting beliefs.

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