a whole new world . . .

Enter the Land of Everlasting Change

A world where the balance between good and evil is tipping toward evil. A world unknown to Bella Santini, until she is drawn into the world and kept there. A world that Bella must save. 


Bella Santini in the Land of Everlasting Change

Overall Rating: 5/5

An ordinary teen girl stumbles into a fairy ceremony; she is arrested and brought to the fairy kingdom, the Land of Everlasting Change, a land caught in the struggle between good and evil, where Queen Tatiana fights to keep the balance of power from tipping. Queen Tatiana spreads the message of the truth of fairyland, that fairies are emissaries of love. This gripping tale in a magical land crosses time and dimensions, bringing readers on a journey of self-discovery.

Bella Santini in the Troll War

Overall Rating: 5/5

Bella returns to take you on another journey of self-discovery. Bella is kidnapped, and after a rescue attempt, she journeys to Thessaria, where she learns the truth about her heritage. 

Princess Bella Visits the Dragon's Lair

Overall Rating: 

Our intrepid heroine Bella learns to accept her new identity while absorbing the wisdom of the Fae. A discrete trip to the Dragon’s Lair gives Bella a choice of a protector between three different dragons. An arrogant dragon puts Bella in danger; her wits and magic are pitted against a formidable monster. Through a collaborative effort between Bella and the dragon, the monster is defeated. Bella and the Queen take refuge in Andremin, the seat of the UnSeelie Court, where Bella is introduced to her long-lost relatives.

Literary Awards 2022/2023


what people say

"I appreciated the message to parents in Bella Santini in the Land of Everlasting Change about helping children learn the value of self-love and love for others. Readers of the Rainbow Fairies series or the Pixie Hollow books with Tinkerbell and her friends may find Bella Santini and the fae world a new series to enjoy. There are magical tests, spells, fairy wings, dangerous plots, and a chance to make new friends in a magical school. Along the way, some gentle lessons about handling emotions, dealing with bullies, and appreciating good fortune are learned by Bella and perhaps by young readers, too."

The Fairview Review

"Bella Santini in the Troll War is told in a way that makes colorful and magical characters designed to teach children and adults alike the power of love, coping with their emotions, developing inner resilience, and overcoming challenges. Engaging and thought-provoking."

JR's book review

"A story of mastering one's own feelings and how to overcome obstacles in the way of your goals. Strong friendships are born. Bella is a character that many pre-teens will connect with. Not to say that this book is only for pre-teens because I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. The world-building was superb for an early reader chapter book. The character growth was done flawlessly. The plot was unique and held my attention the entire way through. Overall I really enjoyed it and can’t wait to jump into the next book!"

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Live! Love! Laugh! Online Course

An online course by Angela Legh.

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Healing the Child Within, by Nancy Mueller

As children, we create beliefs about how the world works based on what we're taught by our parents and caregivers. When these beliefs are carried with us from childhood into adulthood until we learn to master those beliefs, our adult self will continue to relive those painful childhood memories; often causing us to be emotionally hijacked or repeat those cycles and experiences with our own children. Healing your inner child can empower you to let go of the negative feelings, emotions, and beliefs from your childhood as you break free from your limiting beliefs.

Visible Transitions by Janet Caliri

Visible Transitions helps young people and families experience navigate life transitions from a place of child-like wonder rather than resistance to what is.

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Janet Caliri likens self care to the instructions on an airplane - Put your oxygen mask on first before assisting another in an emergency. She points out, "How could you possibly be coherent and rational enough to assist another when you are not breathing enough oxygen yourself? Putting yourself first is actually a selfless act of love." It is precisely the message of her book. 

The Positivity Pack by Amy Elizabeth

Amy Elizabeth has worked with children and young people her entire career, both via the arts and within community and educational settings. Amy is highly sensitive to the needs of others and spent her later career days supporting young people and children with special educational needs. Amy loves the pure energy that children and young people bring to the world. She believes this is their truest gift of all!

Amy is qualified in multiple healing practices such as Reiki, Crystal Healing and The Bars - Access Consciousness. She is highly empathetic and her strong suit is her high emotional intelligence. Amy is the author of Nutri-Mind, Pure Confidence, The Positivity Journal, The Positivity Journal: Kids Edition and the creator of The Positivity Pack.

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Chapter 12

     Within moments of the dragon flying away, Matteus and Torvieto burst into the room; having been alerted, Bella was in danger. They, too, stared around the room in shock before rushing to Bella’s side, noting she was injured.  

Torvieto called for more medics to see to the health of mother and daughter. Matteus held Bella’s hand as she lay in the warmth of her mother’s love, shaken to her core.

critics corner

What they say

"A colorfully written work in a fantastical world that young and old readers will enjoy."

Kirkus Reviews

"Bella Santini in the Land of Everlasting Change is a different slice of a fascinating new alternate universe, that should be included fare for Harry Potter fans."

Midwest Book Review