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Live! Love! Laugh!

Six weeks to more joy!

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When play is denied over the long term, our mood darkens. We lose our sense of optimism and we become anhedonic or incapable of feeling sustained pleasure. 

Dr. Stuart Brown, Play, How it Shapes the Brain, Opens the Imagination and Invigorates the Soul




Numerous scientific studies reveal that curiosity is an essential component of a happy life. Curiosity drives academic achievement, deepens connections, and motivates innovation.


According to Banu Sekendur, Self-love is crucial for our happiness...it reduces dependency on others for emotional fulfillment...it reduces our sensitivity towards others' opinions or judgments...


When’s the last time you really engaged in play?

When did you last engage in play? Not just the obligatory Mom and Dad play where you pretend you can’t see your toddler’s feet from behind the living room drapes.

Real, imaginative, and purposeful play.

Once you’re an adult, the benefits of practical play disappear amongst the stress, responsibility, and reality of life.

It may seem silly now, as a grown adult who has been conditioned to take life seriously and not leave any time for play, but taking the time to engage in play is the purest expression of both your humanity and individuality.

Live! Love! Laugh! provides you with the building blocks to reclaim your sense of wonder, opening you up to happiness, so you can find joy in everything from the mundane to the wonderful things in life.

Through 6 fun-infused weeks of lessons, you’ll discover eye-opening key concepts to create a life with play in mind.

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