Dear aspiring wordsmiths and storytellers, are you sitting on a literary goldmine, a story that begs to be unleashed upon the world yet plagued by self-doubt about your writing prowess? Fear not, for I invite you to embark on a transformative journey with Master Your Writing Skills—a subscription membership group meticulously crafted to nurture the latent storyteller within you.

This isn't just about mastering words; it's about discovering the symphony of your unique narrative voice. Join us, and let's sculpt your potential into prose that resonates, captivates, and leaves an indelible mark on the world. Your story deserves to be told with mastery; let's make it happen together.

The purpose of this group from the writer's perspective, is to brush up on storytelling tips, get feedback on stories and ideas, and learn things professional writers need to know to navigate the landscape of publishing.

This is valuable information for you as an accomplished writer, if you are just starting out.

Here is an overview of what you have available to you . . .

During the program you’ll be learning how to . . .

– write movie scripts
– write for magazines
– write for newspapers
– create fantasy worlds
– write for social impact
– sell more of your books
– be a money-making writer
– navigate the publishing landscape
– make a difference with what you write
– market your book, before and after it's finished

You will also learn how to be a . . .

– fiction writer
– wealthy writer
– professional writer
– world-changing writer

You learn about . . .

– writing memoirs
– the art of dialog
– active vs. passive voice
– perspectives and themes
– making a living as a writer
– the anatomy of storytelling
diverse perspectives in fiction

– heartfelt narratives: crafting stories of resilience
– the art of immersive description – show, don't tell
– being a word genius – how word choice can hook a reader

– s
torytelling through flash fiction – timed and limited-word stories

You will particpate in a feeback loop . . .

You may have the opportuniy to submit your manuscript or your book, which, if selected, will be reviewed by the particpants in real time. Learn how your words are received by a real audience.

Be prepared to take notes and be ready for real and raw feedback from other writers.

This is priceless feedback.

You'll explore the fun and sexy side of publishing!

And, of course, there is more . . . what you need to know about . . . 

– the layout of your book
– your options for printing
– the Library of Congress
– the cover design of your book
– the three basic kinds of publishers
– what is there to know about an ISBN
– who owns the rights to your work
– how do you find images, perhaps an artist for your childrens books

Meet your core team . . .

Angela Legh is the author of the Bella Santini Chronicles, a children's book series that bring you into a magical world where you can transform your thoughts and shift your reality. When you read the Bella Santini Chronicles, you absorb conscious tools that help you navigate emotional issues without being reactive to your life circumstances.

David Fagan, the Iconic Connector, is a maestro at turning connections into opportunities. Publicity, in Fagan's world, is not just about self-promotion but about creating a ripple effect of influence through meaningful relationships and collaborations. Get ready to transform your network into a powerhouse of success!