Angela Legh writes magical children's fairytales that entertain and enlighten, so children can thrive and become well-balanced adults. Yet, children can only thrive with parental support, which is why Angela Legh also provides conscious parenting resources.

As you embark on your journey of raising your child, it's important to remember that they are not just a reflection of you, but a unique individual with their own thoughts, feelings, and path in life. You, as the parent, give them their best chance at being successful when you adopt conscious parenting methods. Angela Legh is dedicated to helping parents step out of the "parenting by default" model and into intentional and conscious parenting

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Angela Legh is the author of the Bella Santini Chronicles, a children's book series that bring you into a magical world where you can transform your thoughts and shift your reality. When you read the Bella Santini Chronicles, you absorb conscious tools that help you navigate emotional issues without being reactive to your life circumstances. 

In addition to her children's books, Angela writes about conscious parenting in the Los Angeles Tribune Magazine as well as in Gravid Pregnancy, Parenting and Personal Growth magazine.

Public Speaking

When you hear Angela Legh speak, you will understand the importance of emotional expression and how it can positively impact your life. You will learn how to identify and process your emotions in a healthy way, which can lead to greater self-awareness and personal growth. When you hear Angela speak, you will gain valuable insights, tools, and techniques that you can immediately apply in your own life to create greater happiness, fulfillment, and peace. Angela Legh speaks from her heart to touch your heart. 

Angela has appeared on stages both live and virtually. She has shared stages with Mas Sajady (pictured), Les Brown, Dr. John Demartini, Joe Vitale, Bernardo Moya, Toni Lontis, and Dame JB Owen. 

Conscious Parenting

The Parent's Promise

Promising to love your child unconditionally sets the foundation for a strong, healthy relationship built on trust and mutual understanding. When your child feels seen, heard, and valued, they will likely develop a strong sense of self-worth and emotional intelligence. By committing to the Parent's Promise, you are choosing to raise your child in a way that supports their emotional growth, and that is something truly valuable.

Parenting tools, resources, and mentoring can be found here!

The parent's promise is a small portion of every Bella Santini book, but the impact of every parent making this promise can change the world.  Join a growing group of conscious parents—join the Parent's Promise movement! 


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"I have been working with Angela for a while now, and find her truly inspirational. At the time I was going through a time of transition. Her work gave me the tools to allow me to go deeper, gain more clarity, and have a fresh approach to life. Working on my inner child and allowing myself to be more playful, has brought a new perspective to my life, and more profound enjoyment of my daily life, as well as bringing me love. I highly recommend this work for anyone seeking change and transformation."

Catherine Hill

The No Problem Parenting podcast, episode 27: "Tragically we lost our dear Mack in a car accident just a couple of weeks ago. My very sincere thanks to Angela for recording this podcast episode with me, even though I wasn’t feeling very up to it that day. She helped me acknowledge my grief and persevere."

Jaci Finneman

No Problem Parenting Podcast, episode 27

“Angela Legh reminds children they are made of magic, and brings them tools, through her stories, to help them  create a magical life.”

Barnet bain


What dreams may come


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Chapter Two

Bella awoke with a start; the sound of singing was filtering down from the halls above. Blinking her eyes, she realized, based on the soft glow of the flickering torches in the hallway, it must still be nighttime. She pinched herself on the arm. This was not a dream; she was still stuck in the fairy world. The singing continued, several voices blending into a melodious tune. One voice carried further, or maybe it was merely louder. The singer appeared to be approaching her cell. The song was light-hearted, and under any other circumstances



Within moments of the dragon flying away, Matteus and Torvieto both burst into the room; having been alerted

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Angela Legh has published a total of ten books, several of which are international bestsellers. Her children's series, The Bella Santini Chronicles, is recognized as a vehicle for behavioral change in children and parents.