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Creating a healthier emotional life for you and your children is easier when you have the right tools, tips, and techniques.

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The adolescent years can be tough for the whole family. In today’s world, social isolation and increased stress have made it even harder. Enhanced emotional intelligence makes it easier for everyone. Building emotional intelligence in kids doesn't have to be hard...

Parents hire me to unleash a new perspective, because most worry, fear, and feel powerless to protect their kids. So, I help ignite a solid understanding of how to release emotional triggers, shift into empowering perspectives, and trust innate wisdom.

Bottom line: strong hearts and minds, build strong kids

Here you’ll find resources to help you improve the quality of your life and your kids’ lives.

Download free guides to help you or your child build emotional stability:

  • Five Steps to Happiness Guide
  • Guide to Emotional and Mental Tools 
  • How to Soothe Anxiety and Depression in Kids
  • Teen Suicide Prevention Guide


What makes Angela Legh so different?

Angela is known for having a loving and peaceful presence, cultivated through deep meditation. Her friends and family see her as playful, loving, and wise. Angela is trained in transformational emotional breakthrough methods, Reiki, and is a certified Quantum Shift facilitator. Angela has a deep connection with Angelic realms, she receives guidance from Archangels and the teachers of light.

According to Angela, everything that happened in her life happened for her, not to her. A wildfire destroyed everything; that was a blessing in disguise. She lived in an emotionally toxic marriage for 32 years; this was also a blessing, though she didn't realize it at the time. Every difficult situation she lived through taught her a lesson that, once she embraced it, improved her life. The lessons she learned are passed on to others through her books, mentoring, and courses.

Angela has a non-judgmental way of helping others to improve areas in their lives.


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"When readers follow Bella Santini on her adventures, they learn that love is the answer, no matter what the question!"

Jack Canfield

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"Bella Santini romances the English language with elegant descriptions of extraordinary experiences to remind us that love is not the answer - it's the Assignment! Life-altering brilliance!"

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