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You and your family deserve a life filled with magic . . .

          Yet life sometimes seems overwhelming and out of control . . .

It's not your fault


No one taught you how to deal with your emotions, so they swirl out of control. No one gave you tools for moving through stress, anxiety, and overwhelm. These feelings take over and run your life.


You and your family deserve a life filled with magic . . .

And you can have that, with just a few tools for emotional management . . .

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In early 2022, the US Surgeon General issued a report on the mental health crisis in America. Kids as young as six to eight have been in the emergency room for attempting suicide. What lies underneath suicide, substance abuse, self-harming, and eating disorders, are painful feelings the person wants to escape. Unfortunately, many parents are not equipped to deal with their children's emotional breakdowns. We weren't taught how to deal with our own emotions, much less the emotions of our children.

When you provide your children with tools and techniques they can implement to smooth out the wrinkles in their daily life, they thrive. Children will not likely read self-help books, but they will read stories. In today's stressful world where parents don't have time to learn about emotional intelligence, where will they find time to teach it to their kids?

What if teaching your kids emotional intelligence was as easy as reading them a bedtime story, and as a bonus, you learn, too?

Benefits for your family

Angela Legh's children's books entertain and engage parents and children.

She is the only children's author to promise parents better relationships with their kids, less emotional stress, and increased

family harmony if the family reads their children three books from the series of the Bella Santini Chronicles.

Emotionally balanced  thriving children

By teaching children emotional intelligence, you are provide your children with tools which can help them master their lives and expereince more joy and freedom.

Less stress for parents

Parents are juggling home, career, and family. When your child is stressed, you are stressed. When you give your child tools to balance their emotions, you are giving them a priceless gift . . . you will benefit too.

Deeper communication with children

The Bella Santini Chronicles books are designed to spark communication and connection between you and your children. Listen to your children, be vulnerable and open about your feelings, and experience the ease of communication between you and your children.

Increased family harmony

When emotional triggers are released, family members are less likely to engage in conflict. Emotionally intelligent individuals know how to ask, question, and listen, which is a response, rather than a reaction.  

What we've heard from others . . . 

Former Forensic Investigator Jessica praises the Bella Santini Chronicles

"When readers follow Bella Santini on her adventures, they learn that love is the answer, no matter what the question!"

Jack Canfield

Co-Author, chicken Soup for the Soul


Bella Santini romances the English language with elegant descriptions of extraordinary experiences to remind us that love is not the answer - it's the Assignment! Life-altering brilliance!"

Dan Clark 
— Author, The Art Of Significance


A skillfully written and thoroughly entertaining book by an author with a genuine gift for weaving emotional intelligence into the storyline.”

Greg Reid
— Founder, Secret Knock


Angela Legh’s Bella Santini In The Troll War Book Is Amazing!! It’s Harry Potter, Peter Pan, And My Little Pony, all rolled into one! Who doesn’t love a good fairy and trolls book filled with love, light, and good vs. evil? I know my kids and I do, and you will too! This is an epic new fairy trilogy I feel with real life lessons for not only children but ror rhe rest of us as well. "

James Pham
— Founder Enlightea

I lived through much adversity; and as it is said, what didn't kill me made me stronger. I had an abusive, alcoholic father whose behavior had a major impact on my life. Based on his behavior, my young mind decided that rage was an emotion no one should feel. My judgement of anyone who became enraged did not serve me well in my first marriage, nor in my life. 

A wildfire destroyed our home . . . that was the catalyst for significant change in my life. Over 12 months, I lost my home to fire, left my marriage, quit my job, and moved across the world. During this journey I discovered many tools for overcoming adversity and achieving emotional balance. I now share these tools with children through the power of story; because with this knowledge, they can make better life choices.

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