Gene Keys are a wonderful way to have insight into your reality and also to change your perspectives. Described as a grand synthesis of practical wisdom, Gene Keys is a wonderful map of an inner journey in which you discover through contemplation, your inner wisdom, and your true potential.

Through curiosity, contemplation, and perspective shifts, we can tap into the joyful spirit of our soul. By contemplating the Gene Keys in your chart, you can work through your pain points to reach the joyful aspects of life.

Though not in my chart, I deeply resonate with Gene Key #3, Through the Eyes of a Child. Gene Keys creator Richard Rudd said, "To see the genius of innovation, you only have to watch a young child at play." When we, as adults, can be as open-minded and open-hearted as a child, we open ourselves to the gift of innovation.

Creativity soars when we look at life through the lens of childlike wonder. Creativity is the source of all growth - new ideas, new products, new solutions, new services, new techniques.

In Gene Key #3, play is the rule, not the exception. According to the contemplative text, all play, and no work is part of the path of enlightenment. In the book Play!, by Dr. Stuart Bowland, play is called recreation, he says, because it makes us new again. Play recreates us, and our world.

Because childlike play and innocence is a pathway to awakening, I have worked diligently over the last month or so to put together a course designed to help you reclaim this innocence. Click here to learn more.

For those interested in learning more about Gene Keys, a link to an online profile generator is here.



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