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I grew up with an alcoholic father and an angelic mother. Our family home burned down when I was six. Because my parents couldn’t find a place to live, I was sent to foster care for a few months. Because I was ripped out of my family, I believed I didn’t deserve love. After high school I married an older man; things were good for a while. But over time he began to control me; his criticism couched in “helpful” terms, but the message remained, I didn’t deserve love. I stayed in this emotionally abusive marriage for over 32 years, because I did not value myself above others.

I was pushed outside of my comfort zone, again by a fire. The Tubbs fire of 2017 destroyed my community and our family home.  When I was stripped of everything except the relationship, I had to face the fact that I was not being served in the relationship. I left the marriage and began a path of self-healing. I started writing my story, with the intent of helping others to achieve self-acceptance, forgiveness, and healing.  This awakened the creativity in me and has resulted in my current project – a series of children’s books.

I have a heart for children, especially foster children and those who feel pushed aside or marginalized. I feel the pain of all children, and I wish to help them thrive, through recognition of their inner magic. I write about hard topics, couched in an engaging fairytale.  It is my mission to let every child know they matter, that they are of infinite value, that the world is better because they were born. 

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