My Story

I was married at a young age to an older man; a man who, over time tried to control me. His derogatory comments were couched in “helpful” statements, but the messages added up to the fact that I wasn’t good enough.

I accepted this behavior; I did not set boundaries. I did not love myself enough to expect better behavior. I did not see my responsibility in our interactions. I cast him as the bad guy, never thinking that I may have created the situation through my perceptions.

One day I was pushed outside of my comfort zone. The Tubbs fire of 2017 destroyed my community and my home.  When I was stripped of everything except my relationship, I had to face the fact that I was not being served in the relationship. I left the marriage and began a path of self-healing.

I started writing my story, with the intent of helping others to achieve self-acceptance, forgiveness, and healing.  In one year I was published in three self-help books.  This awakened the creativity in me and has resulted in my current project – a series of children’s books.

I was guided by my soul to pick up and move from California to England. I crossed the ocean with a suitcase and a plan. I set up my new home in a lovely community where I did not know anyone; determined to build a new life. The Covid -19 lockdown changed my plans, and one year later I moved back to the United States. I now live in New Mexico.

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