Parenting Support Group

$29.00 / month for 6 months

Raising your child is the most challenging, as well as the most rewarding, job you will ever have.

Join our group for a small monthly fee of $29 and access the wisdom of conscious parenting leader Angela Legh, along with the wisdom and experience of other parents, just like you! 

Advantages of joining:

  • Conscious parenting advice from a nationally known leader in emotional management. 
  • Collective parenting wisdom of the group.
  • Weekly zoom meetings. 
  • Privacy: What is said in our group, stays in our group.
  • Bi-monthly newsletter

Once you sign up, you will receive the zoom link and schedule.

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It takes a village to raise emotionally healthy children. . .


Join our group for weekly zoom calls to discuss parenting issues and emotional management techniques, so that you and your family can access the magic of life!


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