There is magic within each and every one of us. A magic so powerful it can change the world. The problem is that humanity, as a general rule, has forgotten their magic. It has been put into a tiny box and pushed aside, to make room for other concerns that we adopted, in the name of becoming an adult.

There are some magical beings on Earth who have remembered this gift. We look up to them, we marvel at their wisdom, the depth of their love. We listen to their words with wonder; thinking how do they do this? Love is the magic they are wielding. I am not speaking of romantic love, the tiny box our consciousness has used to push aside the depth of meaning in the word love. I am speaking about true, unconditional love.

In our society, romantic love is based on bartering; it is conditional. I will love you; if you meet my needs. I give to you in order to receive from you. I had fallen into this trap, assigning conditions to my love; being disappointed and withdrawing love when my needs were not met. I came from this perspective for one reason- I did not love myself enough to be open to unconditional love. It wasn’t a safe option for me. My ego thought I needed to protect my heart.

This need to protect my heart was an illusion, a shadow based on my perception of events in my life. Over the years, as I dismissed and shut down my emotions, a wall was built around my heart. This protective wall was erected by my subconscious, with the intent of keeping me safe. But the wall also did not allow me to truly give, or receive love.

It takes a committed effort to break down those walls. Those that are interested in opening their heart more can set an intention to speak from their heart in all interactions. They can also strive for a perspective shift. If I believe that everyone is on my side, that everyone is acting in my best interest; even if it hurts me, I can respond from a place of love. When I choose to forgive, without setting an expectation of reciprocation, I free my heart from stored pain. Lastly, when I find a space of gratitude within, my heart opened immensely.

Taking the steps above can be difficult; many shrink from it, in fear of opening themselves to more hurt. Processing emotions and shifting perspective is a life-long endeavor, rather than a quick fix. For those brave enough to try, they can find the gold at the end of the rainbow. By setting intention, forgiving, shifting perspective and being in gratitude, I have finally achieved self-love.

Hopefully, as you will discover, it is through the love of yourself that you can truly love others. Self-love happens when you have filled all of the holes in your heart through processing your emotions, clearing the negative energy. You don’t have to do this alone, there is an entire industry of people eager to help you along this path.

At this point in my life, I am choosing unconditional love; an aspect of Christ consciousness that resides within my heart. This love, this magic, is within each of us! Those that have forgotten this aspect of their heart still have the magic, it is just hidden behind walls erected by their subconscious to provide safety. This safe wall is actually the barrier that keeps them from remembering the depth of true, unconditional, Christ-like love that dwells within.

Unconditional Christ-like love is accepting that everyone is acting in love. It is a release of judgement; for if every action is an act of love, how can we stand in judgement? It is accepting everyone for where they are; with no expectation of change, with no need to teach them. It is in being able to see your greatness, with the understanding that you are better than none. Everyone has greatness within. Everyone has magic within.

Unconditional love is seeing the spark of the divine, the immense value, in each and every person walking this Earth. How deep can you love?

May you be blessed!

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