Are you amazed at the crisp clarity of the air, the crystal clear of the water, the depth of the blue sky? Mother nature is waking up, along with humanity, and now many of us have the time to simply appreciate her beauty, to breathe in her vitality. Now, the quiet streets open me to a new perspective, one that empowers me.

The world is slowing down; as we are forced to stop our normal busyness of life. Many people have been forced to leave their work behind, some are forced to work at home, and others are required to continue working at their normal workplace under the most trying of circumstances. There is uncertainty in the air, as people wrestle with the fear of the unknown. Will I get sick? Could the world economy go bust? Will I be able to survive this crisis? These fears are real, not to be fluffed under the rug.

Accept what we cannot change

What is a person to do, with all of this going on? AlAnon says to accept the things you cannot change – this is not always easy, however, it is the best advice. This world is changing; the economy will change; many of our institutions may fall away as the crisis heats up. People are dying; the virus is spreading. Unfortunately, fear and uncertainty rule the day.

Through all of this, the only thing we have control of is ourselves. As individuals, we cannot fix the economy, nor can we individually fix the virus. However, we can fix our perspective. Below are five perspective adjustments that I have found to be helpful as I navigate through life. I hope that you find some value:

My five steps to happiness

1. I understand that the Universe is truly working in my best interest. My life included a number of crisis events and each time I survived and went on to thrive. I know in my heart that everything that happens to me is an experience I need so that I could learn and grow in my spiritual path.

2. I understand that every person who causes a negative reaction in me is actually assisting me to see where growth is needed within myself. No one “does” anything to me that I didn’t choose to experience, even if only subconsciously. Whenever I am triggered, it is a time for me to search inside, to find the stuck energy or programming, and exercise it out. I have used energy healers, quantum facilitators, and life coaches in my efforts to clear programming.

3. When I let go of resistance to the things I don’t want to happen, life flows. Resistance is a form of control. It is while in resistance, trying to control the outcome, that I experience the most unpleasantness. When I let go of the resistance, I find peace. If I truly believe the first perspective, that the Universe has my back, then why would I try to force my will? I finally let go and let God, now my life is flowing like a river.

4. I can experience happiness in any circumstance. Happiness is a feeling I can call up at will; though I must be willing to feel my feelings. I simply remember a happy time, feel the feeling, then let go of the thought. Then I increase the feeling. With practice, I have been able to choose to be happy by saying “happy” in my mind; and letting the feelings wrap around me like a blanket.

5. I believe that we are all the same. We are one, unified through energy. People that travel know, all over the world, there are wonderful people. How can I judge another person, when they are part of the collective of us? As I bring compassion and understanding to the people who trigger me (see #2 above) I am performing as a conduit to love, in service to humanity.

You get to choose…

You may not have the same perspectives as I do. I am not telling you to change. I am simply pointing out the making the conscious choice to trust and allow the flow of life has been the best thing that I have ever done. And consciously choosing to recognize that everything is my responsibility, with respect not only to relationships but also in respect to events in my life, has allowed me to soar. Freedom lies in taking responsibility. Peace lies in choosing to allow the flow of life.

May you be blessed.


Angela Legh

Angela Legh is the author of the Bella Santini Chronicles, a celebrated series of children's fairytales. Angela is known for her ability to help people see their own value and to embrace the magic of life. Each book of the series takes children on a journey of self-discovery.

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