Lately I have been contemplating the energy carried by words. If you haven't thought about this, I challenge you to do this little exercise:

Say "I like me." Feel the feeling. Say "I like me" as you smile. Feel the feeling, notice you feel a bit happier. Say "I like me, but..." Notice the energy dips. Say "I like me, and..." Notice the energy rises back up. Such small words - and, but... and yet the energy they convey is felt within our bodies.

If the words 'and' and 'but' carry enough energy that we can feel the difference between them, imagine the weight of words like love and hate. Some words act like a sword, slaying our hearts when wielded by a careless person. Some words act like the wind beneath our wings; raising us to new heights.

Have you considered the energy of the words you use on yourself? "I am so..." insert any number of critical statements that we utter without consideration. What many don't realize is this negative energy we are wielding against ourselves can affect our cellular structure.

Dr. Bruce Lipton speaks about cellular design; how once science held the paradigm that the cell contained a brain in its nucleus, filled with DNA that then controlled our genes, which controlled our cellular functions. Thus,  thought once held that each cell functioned independently of each other, based on a set of rules outlined by DNA.

New medical discoveries have revealed that the brain of the cell is located within the cellular membrane. The cell membrane acts as an interactive interface between the cell and its environment. Thus, the most basic operation of each cell is to interact and be formed by its environment. According to Dr. Lipton, The environment, through the act of perception, controls behavior, gene activity and even the rewriting of the genetic code. Cells “learn” (evolve) by creating new perception proteins in response to novel environmental experiences.

When looked at from a macro perspective, this statement is profound. In the words of Dr. Lipton, When we understand that genes are just respondents to the environment from the perceptions handled by the cell membrane, then we can realize that if life isn’t going well, what we have to do is not change our genes but change our perceptions. 

The environment that your cells move in has a profound impact on cellular function. For healthy cell function, it is important to feel safe, eat well, exercise, drink healthy water and get a good night’s sleep. These self-care routines will help you to gain a sense of wellness. However, if we self-sabotage by using critical words, we are doing damage to our cells through the environment we are creating. 

Four simple things you can do to change your cellular perspective on words used:

  1. Consider using uplifting words when speaking about yourself. Refrain from criticism; in fact, never put a critism after the words "I am". Consider using an affirmation instead.
  2. Ask questions when faced with frustrations. Instead of saying, "I am so stupid!" when you make a mistake, try saying "I wonder what it would look like if I succesfully did that." The question actually diminishes the frustrated feeling.
  3. Seek to feel the energy in your heart, focus on that energy when speaking to yourself. You will be speaking to yourself with love energy.
  4. If you do slip and use negative words to self critize, do for yourself what you would do for others - apologize! Own up to your mistakes; then give yourself grace. Acknowlege your human weakness; strive to do better the next time.

How have you been speaking to yourself lately?

I send you blessings.

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