Words carry meaning; we all know that. Some may say that words are just words; nothing deep about them. My experience counteracts that assumption. How many times have I said something, then wished that I hadn’t? I wished I hadn’t said the words because I knew the words carried weight with them. Maybe I was rash in my comments, or maybe I couldn’t find the right word to use; maybe I just blurted out what came to my mind.

Words spoke to us by our spouses, parents, siblings, teachers, preachers, and even ourselves can become embedded in our psyche and wreak havoc in our lives. Words are not just words; they are swords, they are shields, they raise, and they strip down.

This post will dive deeply into four simple words that can carry a tremendous energetic vibration. The words I have chosen to profile include allow, sovereign, self-love, and magic. These words have special meaning to me; allow was the word I selected to be my theme for 2020. How little I knew about the depth of that word when I made that choice! The other words are also important; When I allow myself to stand sovereign in my true being, I have achieved self-love and have opened my world to magic!

Allow:  The depth of this word is unfathomable. I started focusing on it in 2019, thinking, ok, I will allow all the little annoyances that come my way. Traffic jam? No problem, a time for meditation.  Can’t buy what I want from the store? Ok, maybe I didn’t really need it. Allowing was easy; all I need to do is let go of my resistance!

But then I was faced with allowing emotions. I must allow my emotions to run their course if I wish to be healthy. Easy emotions like happiness, no problem. Harder emotions like fear? Yikes, do I have to? Yes, I do, if I want to be healthy! So dive in, and let those feelings flow! Stay with them, allowing them to run their course. This is where allowing became difficult; where I started to have deep questions:

  • Do I allow my resistance to resistance? Or do I resist that, which is then allowing my initial resistance?
  • Do I allow myself to experience being? Or do I fill every moment (a form of resistance) because I am afraid to face myself?
  • Do I allow myself to feel fear? Or do I spiritually bypass and only feel good feelings?

I know that I must allow every emotion, every action, whether I like it or not, to achieve full embodiment and enlightenment. Allowing is as easy as letting go of expectations, letting go of resistance, and as difficult as accepting parts of me that I would rather forget. Every day I learn more about the depth of what allowing really means. This word carries a weight that is so wide and so deep that I am not sure I will ever truly know what allowing is.

Magic: This word carries a weight to it that it did not earn. Magic is seen as evil by religion. For example, a spell is cast by Pagans; they do not follow Christ, or Allah, or Buddha; thus, the spell is evil. However, if the spell is intended to create good in the world, is it evil because the people who created it do not follow a particular religion? It seems to me that some religious leaders seek to control, to separate us from a direct relationship with God. I am not saying that religion is bad; I think that religious leaders who divide, who stand in the judgment, who limit the ability of the worshipper to reach God, are not truly acting in the unconditional love that God provides.

I believe that we are all made of magic. Our lives are charmed, but because we let society and teachers and preachers tell us how it is and who we are, we forget our magic. Society would say that there is no magic, and I’m afraid I have to disagree. There is magic in the feelings I get when I watch a sunrise or sunset. There is magic in the deep and abiding love I felt when I first held my baby. There is magic in the peace that washes over me when I sit in nature, simply experiencing the sounds and sights around me. There is magic in children’s laughter, in the sound of whales, in the beauty of a soft breeze ruffling the leaves of a tree.

The biggest magic available in this world is unconditional love. Unconditional love has a vibration that is indescribable with words; it can only be experienced. This type of love does not judge; there are no conditions; there are no expectations. This is where big magic happens. Differences, race identity, borders drop away; humanity is united in love. And yet, we forget this magic is ours to use. Or we carry fear, and the fear keeps us in our separate boxes. How I wish that all of humanity (including me) would rise above fear and choose to love unconditionally! Ohh, what magic would be unleashed!

Sovereign:  An easy word. Sovereign, I am in charge of this; I own it. I am sovereign over my body. Easy stuff! Except I did not live this in my prior life. I was an empath, and I gave myself over to my spouse and even to my children. They came first; I was not important. I set aside my family, friends, dreams, desires, and being so that they had what they needed. They did not ask me to. I did it on my own because I did not value myself.

To be sovereign is to allow me to express my needs, desires, and boundaries; without allowing someone else to tell me what I need. It is standing within my own self-worth, knowing that I deserve respect. It is expecting love and respect from the people closest to me and giving them the love and respect they deserve.

Self-love: Love yourself! Coaches and Gurus tell me that I must. Many will skim the surface- I exercise, eat right, and get massages, so I love myself. However, that is a very shallow aspect of self-love. What about when I become so wrapped up in what others think of me? Go outside without makeup? Heck no! Wait that isn’t loving myself? Darn it!

The word Self-love is like the word ‘allow’; there is a depth to it that is striking. True self-love means that I can be alone with my thoughts and be ok with that. It means I don’t need a partner to make me whole. It means I can sit and be; without escaping into a novel, or Netflix, or YouTube, exercise, or any of the multitude of addictions we use to keep ourselves from spending time alone with ourselves. It means surrendering to solitude, loving and respecting the person I have become.

May you allow yourself to be engulfed in self-love!


Angela Legh

Angela Legh is the author of the Bella Santini Chronicles, a celebrated series of children's fairytales. Angela is known for her ability to help people see their own value and to embrace the magic of life. Each book of the series takes children on a journey of self-discovery.

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